Tung, a native of Thailand, brings the concept of Khoa Gaeng, Thai street eats, to Syracuse in a format that is friendly—it breaks down a Thai meal into components. Khao Gaeng offers build-your-own noodle or rice bowls, pulling in flavors from Thailand. The menu offers popular dishes with pre-selected ingredients, but the real fun is that you also can create your own and customize according to your tastes. Start by choosing a base: jasmine rice, brown rice, or noodles. Add a protein: grilled chicken satay, grounded pork(Larb), and 5-spice beef or tofu. Then select vegetables, a sauce, and some toppings. The meal comes together like it would in a traditional khao Gaeng stall in Thailand.

Kris learned cooking traditional Thai cuisine from his family back in Thailand since he was young. He also has more than 20 years of experience at many popular Thai restaurants in Syracuse including Lemon Grass, appeThaizing, and Erawan.